Keep Losing Contacts?

Consynki can fix that.

How It Works

  • You maintain your own contact information.
  • Connect with other members and use the privacy settings to control what you share.
  • We will automatically sync your details with your contacts and vice versa.
  • Got a new phone number? We will automatically sync it with all your contacts.
  • If one of your contacts gets a new email address, we'll update their details for you.

Adding contacts is simple

Consynki makes it easy to keep your contacts up to date. Whether you have changed emails or have a new number, simply update your details and all your contacts automatically get updated. If a friend or colleague updates their information you are automatically updated with their latest contact details.

Always up to date

You only ever have to update your own contact details. If you change numbers, your contacts automatically sync and get your latest details. If one of your contacts change their details, you automatically get theirs.

Cosynki is private

Sometimes you don't want everyone having every detail about yourself. That's why you can assign each contact to a privacy group. Work colleagues only get to see professional details, while friends see personal details.

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